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A Church News editorial dated January l, 1994, made the bold pronouncement that “the Old Testament has probably influenced the world of Judeo-Christian history and literature more than any other book ever written.” The editorial went on to say that the basis of this claim was the fact that this great book of ancient scripture “contains the stories and traditions and truths that generations of parents have handed down to their children (more…)

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Gospel Doctrine Class

Beginning in January 2018, adult members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will once again embark on a year-long study of the Old Testament in the weekly Sunday School Gospel Doctrine class.  How Often Would I Have Gathered You is the ideal study aid to assist you in your study of the Old Testament.  This is true for the following reasons:




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The Book

How Often Would I Have Gathered You is no ordinary book of Bible stories.  It contains 229 very readable and engaging Old Testament stories, written especially for adults and young adults.  These great Old Testament stories are told in chronological sequence—to the extent possible—and take the reader on a meaningful and exciting journey through the Old Testament–beginning with the Grand Council (as told in the Pearl of Great Price) and concluding after the return of the Jews from their captivity in Babylon to rebuild the temple. (more…)

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