Useful Links


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

(Official Church Web site)

LDS Newsroom

(Official news releases of the LDS Church allow you to keep  up to date)

LDS Church

(Site gives more information about the Church)

Family Search

(LDS Church’s famous family history web site)

The Genesis Group

(Official Church web site for black Latter-day Saints)

Church News

(Weekly Church newspaper published as part of Deseret News)

“The Powerful Potential of Scripture Stories”

(Article by Elder Merlin Lybbert in January 2002 Ensign)



The Bible Revival

(Source for great Bible information and graphics [including the clip-art pictures in the slide show on my “Old Testament Background“]

Old Testament Chronology Chart

(Excellent resource to get the “big picture” of the Old Testament)

Old Testament Maps

(Maps and charts from the Institute student manual)

“How Did We Get the Old Testament”

(Article by Jeremy Lynn at True

“Five things we should know about the Bible”

(Article about the Bible and why it is important for us by Kristin Swenson, professor of religious studies at Virginia Commonwealth University)

The earliest photographs of Jerusalem–taken 170 years ago

(These are pictures from the Smithsonian website)

Old Testament Wiki

(Excellent Old Testament background information)




The Gospel Doctrine Class

(Excellent web site; provides significant helps for gospel doctrine teachers)

Meridian Magazine

(Popular web site with information about the Church and its members; includes articles by many knowledgeable contributors)

LDS Travel Study

(Well planned tours to many sites [including the Holy Land] with LDS groups–now a division of Morris Travel)

LDS Booklovers

(Source to help locate LDS books at best prices and to find book reviews)

Nephi Project

(Information on recent Book of Mormon discoveries)


(Excellent resource for on many LDS connected subjects)–Latter-day Saints

(Information and links relevant to Latter-day Saints)

LDS Today

(Timely headlines and news stories from many sources relating to LDS)

LDS Living Magazine

(E-version of popular magazine about LDS–Deseret Book)

Bella Online/LDS Site

(Informative web site for LDS women)

Allen’s Mormon (LDS) Site

(Positive information and links relating to the Church)


(Has good links to talks, lessons, and Church history)

The More Good Foundation

 (This excellent site is homebase for the foundation and its more than 400  websites)


(Information and links on just about every imaginable LDS topic)

Latter-day Village

(On-line resources for LDS leaders and teachers, offering different levels of membership)

FAIR Mormon

 (Foundation for Apologetic & Information Research: Dedicated to standing as a witness of Christ and His Restored Church–they do amazing work)

LDS Videos

(Link to popular LDS videos)

Mormon Central

(Family-safe links for the LDS community)

LDS Gospel

(Links all freely accessible Gospel Doctrine lesson materials)

James E. Neuman Institute

 (Contains useful resources for Gospel Doctrine classes)

Mormon Find

 (Useful to help locate web sites and businesses of interest to Latter-day Saints)

LDS Rankings

(On-line directory of LDS and LDS-friendly websites)

Mormon Media

(Sells books and other LDS media at reduced prices)